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Corporate Vision: Establish a supporting base with powerful execution and professional quality to make sure offshore projects operation be well underway without worries.
Corporate Value:
Staff Development, Customer Satisfaction, Industry Benchmark and Social Contributions.
Staff Development: Adhere to the healthy and joint development with employees consistently; believe in the mutual impetus between the growth of staff and the development of enterprise.
Customer Satisfaction: Serve customers with sincere attitude, strong capabilities, fast response and high-quality products to accelerate their development and elevation; threat the degree of customer satisfaction as the only standard to weigh our work.
Industry Benchmark: Combine strong resource integration capability, innovative operating methods, moderate style of hard work and extensive cooperation friendship to become the benchmark for our industry service; be recognized by customers as a characteristic enterprise.
Social Contributions: Decrease depletion to natural resource; increase returns to the society by offering more jobs and business opportunities; be grateful for the support and honor received from the society. 
Company Talent policy: Advocate the scientific conception of talents —— morality-rooted & double-great people with moral and academic skills; promote respect and care for talents; stand with employees in good times and bad times.

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